Jury Members

Jury Committee Members for the eGovernment Excellence Award 2023
Mr. Richard Kerby Mr. Richard Kerby
Jury Committee Chairman
President, Richard Kerby LLC Consulting
Former Senior Inter-Regional Adviser on eGovernment and Knowledge Management
Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations

Mr. Richard Kerby is a globally recognized expert of digital transformation. He has advised high-level government leaders on ICT matters related to development and eGovernment. His extensive career includes high level roles such as Senior Advisor to the Department of Economic Affairs of the United Nations on e-Government and Knowledge Management, where he provided guidance to over 40 countries. He also served as an Information Manager for the Regional Bureau for Africa of the United Nations Development Program. He is currently the President of his own consultancy company, Richard Kerby LLC, offering strategic counsel to national administrations.

With a wealth of experience in the field of ICT and eGovernment, Mr. Kerby translates strategic plans into actionable policies, aligning with sustainable development goals and international benchmarks. He fosters digital transformation initiatives, leveraging an extensive network of eGovernment experts, academics, and political figures.

Mr. Kerby has led many impactful projects, pioneered hackathons, improved eGovernment rankings in various countries, and played a key role in the UN eGovernment Survey.

As a speaker and thought leader, Mr. Kerby bridges global trends and practical implementation, contributing significantly to the advancement of digital governments worldwide.

Dr. Esra Ahmed Wali Dr. Esra Ahmed Wali
Jury Committee Member – Representative of the Academic & IT Governance Sectors

Dr. Esra Wali is the Chairperson of the Department of Information Systems at the College of Information Technology at the University of Bahrain. She is also the Director of the Business Incubator Center at the University where she has been instrumental in developing entrepreneurial activities at the University through the center’s programs and partnerships with the major players in Bahrain’s startup ecosystem.

Additionally, she serves as a Board Member in ISACA Bahrain Chapter, which is dedicated to the audit, control, and security of Information Systems.

She has over 20 years of experience and has presented and published numerous papers at international conferences and in journals, for which she also serves as reviewer. She has also been a jury member for numerous competitions and awards and an external examiner for local universities.

Dr. Wali holds a PhD from the University of London, an MSc in Information Systems from the University of Surrey, and a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Bahrain.

Ms. Daneh Al Rayes Ms. Daneh Al Rayes
Jury Committee Member – Representative of the Non-Government Organizations related to Information Technology

Ms. Daneh Al Rayes is the Vice President of Smart Way Consultancy, and is a Board Member in the Bahrain Internet Society. With over 20 years of experience, Ms. Daneh stands at the forefront of Bahrain's smart city advisory landscape. She has extensively deployed smart solutions across various sectors, from real estate to retail. During her journey in the ICT sector she managed key roles, including being the Vice President of T-Linx Technology Solutions, and as a Director at the Bahrain Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.

Ms. Daneh holds a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Bahrain. She has continuously championed in technological advancements, both as a board member of the Bahrain Internet Society and through her association with C5's Nebula in collaboration with Amazon Web Services.

Co-chairing the Bahrain Smart Cities Summit since 2016, Daneh's leadership has been instrumental in curating a platform that unites regional and global smart city experts. Her dedication to fostering dialogues and advocating for innovative solutions has significantly impacted Bahrain and the wider region's sustainable development narrative.

Mr. Ali Ghaleb Beshara Mr. Ali Ghaleb Beshara
Jury Committee Member – Representative of the Information Security Sector

Mr. Ali Beshara is an Information technology professional with more than 20 years of experience, including first-hand knowledge of developing and managing IT security departments, quality management systems, public administration and human resource management systems such as ISO 27001, ISO 9001, eGovernment, electronic transformation and Microsoft infrastructure environment.

Mr. Beshara is currently the Head of the Security Committee in the Technology and Business Society (TBS) and is a member of ISACA Bahrain Chapter.

Moreover, he has had exposure to best practices in IT and government service improvement initiatives through his membership in more than 10 assessment committees of local and regional awards.

Mr. Beshara has a master’s degree in Public Management with First-Class Honors from AIX-Marseille University - France, he also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computing from University of Greenwich, and an Associate Diploma in Business Information Systems from the University of Bahrain.

Mr. AliSabkar Mr. Ali Sabkar
Jury Committee Member – Representative of the Digital Media & Communications Sector

With more than 25 years of experience in ICT, marketing, media, PR, branding, and digital media, Mr. Ali Sabkar is one of the most respected figures in Bahrain’s digital social media domain. He is widely recognized as a thought leader in his industry, having shared his knowledge at major conferences and events across the Middle East.

Mr. Sabkar launched his marketing agency in the 1990s and is also the Founder and President of the Social Media Club MENA/Bahrain where he made significant contributions to social media activities and events in the Kingdom. He assumed the role of eMarketing Project Manager at Zain Bahrain back in 2007, where he led digital initiatives and managed the telecom's social media channels.

His other notable appointments include his role as Chairman of the Global Social Media Club, where he made history as the first non-US citizen to lead this important organization. His achievements have earned him several awards, including the title of ‘Best 50 Asia Most Influential Digital Media Professional’.

Mr. Ebrahim Altamimi Mr. Ebrahim Al Tamimi
Jury Committee Member - Representative of the Commerce Sector

With a career spanning 24 years, Mr. Ebrahim Ali Al Tamimi is a seasoned expert in institutional evaluation and ICT, in addition to being a member of the executive management of the Bahrain Chamber.

Throughout his career, he has held significant roles in his field, including heading the evaluation committees of the Dubai Government Excellence Program, and chairing the Digital Government Award in Saudi Arabia, in addition to holding the position of the General Director of the Bahrain Best Practices Program, he also served as CEO of the Future Court; which is a platform for anticipating future trends, and the Director of the Bahrain Center of Excellence.

Mr. Al Tamimi has also chaired the evaluation committees for prestigious awards such as the Arab Government Excellence Award (Kingdom of Bahrain branch), moreover, in 2016, he assessed candidates applying for the Mohammed bin Rashid Government Excellence Awards. In 2017, he served as a member of the evaluation committee for royal awards in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

In 2001, he was an early pioneer of Bahrain's digital landscape, where one of his most impactful contributions came in 2011 when he advised the Government of Bahrain to create the first electronic system for monitoring government processes and services. This system has since evolved into a comprehensive tool for measuring government performance, implementing recommendations, and monitoring best practices. In 2014, Mr. Al Tamimi authored the first book on the best practices of the Government of Bahrain, which was recognized by the United Nations.

Mr. Al Tamimi holds a Master’s degree in engineering management from George Washington University, and a Master’s degree in public administration from Aix-Marseille University, and a Bachelor’s degree in information technology from the University of Bahrain.

Ms. Pakiza Abdulrahman Ms. Ameera Al Qubaiti
Jury Committee Member - Representative of the Business & Technology Sector

Ms. Ameera is an accomplished professional with a diverse background in project management within the information technology field. With 9 years of experience, she has held various positions that have honored her skills and expertise. Recently, Ameera was appointed as the Vice Chairman Board Member of BTECH, a significant recognition of her leadership abilities.

Ms. Ameera has an Executive Professional Master's Degree in Islamic Finance from the General Council of Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions. This demonstrates her commitment to lifelong learning and staying abreast of industry developments. Prior to that, she earned a Bachelor's degree from the University College of Bahrain, Kingdom of Bahrain, further solidifying her educational foundation.

Ms. Ameera's achievements and qualifications have positioned her as a valuable asset to Al Rawi Media and BTECH.

Mr. Mohamed Khalifa Albenjasim Mr. Abdulsalam AlAsaadi
Jury Committee Member – Representative of the Banking and Finance Sector

Mr. Abdulsalam AlAsaadi is a professional with over 10 years of experience in project management, digitization, and innovation. With a passion for technology and a keen eye for detail, Abdulsalam has consistently driven successful projects that blend both creativity and analytical problem-solving. His expertise lies in creating compelling user experiences and driving digital transformations that elevate the customer journey.

Currently serving as the Lead Retail Digital Platforms at Bahrain Islamic Bank (BisB), Mr. AlAsaadi plays an important role in executing the bank's digital transformation strategy. His ability to translate FinTech ideas into tangible initiatives has proven crucial in automating processes, enhancing efficiency, and driving user-centric digital experiences, ensuring BisB remains a pioneer in the industry.

Prior to his current role, Mr. AlAsaadi held many roles including executing and managing digital projects at BisB, Batelco and the Ministry of Education. He has also cofounded startups like "Zero One Design", "Doocan," and "Tathaker," where he contributed to marketing, graphic & user experience design, web development, branding, and innovative initiatives.

With a BSc in Internet Computing from the University of South Wales in UK and certifications in Data Analytics, DevOps, ITIL, Leadership, and Project Management Professional (PMP), Mr. AlAsaadi bridges innovation and technology to redefine user engagement.